Resources on this server are available only to registered users. Accounts for staff, postgraduate students and collaborators are available  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

 For secure shell (SSH) access, use the terminal app, under Utilities in OSX, or run PuTTY on Windows. The server name is

You’ll need to download a free remote desktop client for accessing the Pogona desktop called X2go.

See the X2go website for additional information, troubleshooting or linux clients.

During installation on Windows, you’ll be prompted about the Windows Firewall – click Unblock. If it complains about administrator rights, click cancel – you will have to contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.


Once you have the client installed, make sure that you have the following settings:

Session Tab
Login: [your user name]
Session type UNITY
Connection Tab
Connection Speed
Set to LAN if you’re on campus, set to ADSL for off campus access

If you are unfamiliar with Linux, see the  Linux command line tutorials for nubies.

Server Load