Public availability

With the publication of the genome, all data are available in the public domain, either via GigaDB or the EBI. Some people have reported difficulty in obtaining the assembled scaffolds from the EBI. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the European Nucleotide Archive of any difficulties you encounter. The following mirrors may help:

CEMB01000000 Download from UK - ENA 
CEMB01000001-CEMB01545310.txt Download from UK - ENA
[EMBL format]
CEMB01000001-CEMB01545310.fa.tgz Download from Aust - UC
[FASTA format - ENA/BGI scaffold IDs] [MD5]
CEMB01000001-CEMB01545310.embl.tgz Download from Aust - UC
[EMBL format - ENA scaffold IDs] [MD5]
Pogona_vitticeps.male.fa.gz Download from Aust - UC
[Fasta format - BGI scaffold IDs] [MD5]



Downloading via SFTP

The Pogona vitticeps reads, assembly and annotations are available for download, under condition, for registered users. No new accounts will be created after September 2015. In each subdirectory, a readme.txt file provides additional detail on the data contained there.

You'll need a secure FTP (sFTP) client if your operating system does not come with one. We suggest using Filezilla, which is free and reliable. 

The the sFTP host is on port 22; use the username and password provided to you. 

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